Cement Tea

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a distinctive and talented musician known as Cement Tea. Varying in styles and sounds, he is certainly not one to sit still when it comes to creating new music. With a We recently released his hard-hitting EP, A Little Bite and we’re thrilled to have such a skillful and unique voice on board.

Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself and your music?

Hi! I’m Cement Tea, I’m a Brazilian musician and I make various subgenres of electronic music, from ambient to hardcore since 2016, my discography is pretty vast and you can see hardcore, drum and bass, drone, rhythmic noise, skullstep, breakcore, etc.

You play around with a multitude of styles and genres. Is there one you feel most comfortable with? What are you favorite to listen to?

It’s kinda hard to say any specific genre, but definitely I’m very used to make Skullstep and Techno, I do those quite often and I’m 90% of the time satisfied with making them, that’s why my latest releases are mostly of these genres, they’re more fun to make in my opinion, unlike some other genres I do like Industrial Hardcore, Ambient or Terrorcore, that I’m not that satisfied while I make them sometimes or they take more time to do so, but I don’t limit myself though! I always like to experiment new things, like lately I’ve been in a more Drone and Rhythmic Noise mood so I might make some tunes of these genres too!

About what I listen is mostly stuff like the music I make, like Industrial music in general, Crossbreed, Rhythmic Noise, Industrial Techno. But there’s some exceptions of course, for example I’m a huge fan of Hypnagogic Pop and more Experimental Lo Fi tape music, I love listening to these but I barely felt like making music like these at all, I only did stuff like that twice and it was on my first album ever I did as another project when i was around 16 years old, and a EP released on tape last year on the Ukranian cassette label Diploma Supplement.

It seems you are constantly releasing new music left and right. What is your creative process like?

My creative process is quite quick compared to many other fellow musicians hahaha, honestly it’s not something I necessarily understand completely, when I just feel like making songs I just open my DAW and make whats on my mind or start something just by making certain sound and slowly making it into a full track, I get new ideas for mixes, music and artwork all the time, plus I listen to music a whole lot, almost 24/7, guess is just how my mind works and probably why i make so much music.

A little Bite

There is certainly an admiration for anime in your music. How do you go deciding what to sample?

I like to pick innocuous, silly or just cute samples and make them into a more darker sound, for example A Little Bite I sample just a scene from the anime Wakaba Girl that Wakaba bites Moeko’s ice cream, and I turned it into a weird dark tune, I like to do this kind of thing, plus I sample overall media that I like, that means I also sample some streamers or Youtubers, like I did with my tune Russian Roullette that I sampled Vsauce and tunes like Cockroach that i sampled Vinny from Vinesauce, even though I consume a lot of Youtube stuff is kinda harder to get a good sample for it, more because a lot of it has loud soundtracks on the background compared to anime and is harder to make them fit in tunes.

Who are your biggest influences?

Well, when I was around 5 years old my love for music started because of some games like Dance Dance Revolution, I loved many songs from DDR 4th Mix I used to have in my PS1 at the time specially the darker ones, and at that age I played around with a sequencer called Hammerhead on my computer trying to make songs hahaha. But then when I was around 12 years old I started digging lots of J-core and music outside games, started listening to artists like t+pazolite and m1dy, some IDM artists such as Aphex Twin, Melodium and The Flashbulb and even Dubstep like Caspa & Rusko, Cardopusher and Skrillex. Around that time I used FL Studio for a bit and did some mini DJ mixes on Virtual DJ, I remember some of them were actually pretty decent!

I started exploring music a lot when I was around that age, discovered labels such as Sociopath Recordings and SKRD that I used to love at that time, then when I was around 14 I discovered many other netlabels with more experimental content, such as Tsundere Violence, proc-records, Genetic Trance, Sirona, Dramacore etc.

Was around this time that I started wanting to make music, is hard to tell necessarily what my biggest influences were but I can say that Nekophiliac, Shisa and goreshit’s music inspired me a lot when I was around 14, then when I was 16 when I started learning music theory and actually started posting music on the internet I got into Boards of Canada, Hype Williams, James Ferraro and other more oddball experimental artists, along with more known crossbreed and skullstep artists such as Current Value and The Panacea, that also influenced me a lot.

About my Industrial Hardcore work i’m mostly influenced by [KRTM], Acid Diaper and The Outside Agency, I got into Industrial Hardcore kinda recently (around 2017 or so) so I don’t have that as much influence, but I still make this kind of music here and there.

Slice of Life

What are your ambitions and goals as a musician?

It’s a dream to make a soundtrack to some game or short film, especially if i’m not limited and completely free to do what I want to, would be amazing!

I also would love to start doing gigs someday, I’m currently saving money to buy gear to finally go to my first gigs, but due to Covid it got delayed, but I have no problem with that, I will just wait.

What artists are you currently listening to?

Currently I’ve been listening to more peaceful music, been getting into Nekophiliac’s recent content, been getting into the vast discography of Josh Burke and some other Experimental Lo Fi or Hypnagogic Pop/Neo Psychedelia artists.

But well, I still do listen to harder music if I want some energy, been specifically getting into the russian skullstep artist EriS and been listening to Breaks recently, stuff like Denham Audio, Mani Festo, some of Aphex Twin’s works for example. Been also into some harder techno and rhythmic noise here and there, stuff like Slave To Society, AnD, Tim Tama and older Hypnoskull.

What other other hobbies and interests outside of music do you enjoy?

I used to play games a lot but I stopped a bit in recent years, a shame! I need to get back playing, I’m more a fan of retro or indie games, I used to explore gamejolt some years ago and I need to explore some more indie games soon, I’m particularly a fan of puzzle and racing games, I loved rhythm games back then but I kinda lost interest to them as time went by. I also like cooking but I discovered this passion just recently so I need to get better, and i also do some bizarre drawings when I feel like to, you can see some on my Twitter.

Do you have any anime you would like to recommend?

I have many to recommend, i’m particularly more a fan of slice of life shows, so I recommend Wakaba Girl that I watched recently, is pretty fun, then Bottle Fairy and Slow Start that are like one of my favorite animes ever.

Any final words?

Thank you for the interview! Big up to all labels and friends that supported me!

Cement Tea:


ESTÉTICA CIBERNÉTICA is a record label based out of San Francisco.

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