Aegis Falcon

Luc Lhuissier, also known as Aegis Falcon, is a concept artist who excels in beautiful cyberpunk inspired landscapes and architecture as well as character designs. His work captures a dystopian future in which technology rules society. With an aptitude for intricacy and detail, Aegis Falcon is certainly an expert of his craft.

Aegis 1

1. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many places, I am a very big Sci-i fan, I was lucky to be born with parents who are passionate about the genre, it is not that which helped me but rather oriented me towards this direction. To answer the question more clearly, I would say that my inspiration comes from everything I see, masterpieces that come out in the cinema. So I pay attention to artistic direction, colors, design etc…. Then the gold of the passage of the sketch from the elements I observed I let speak for the inner creativity.

You can see on some artworks I sketch on my portfolio. Some are often very basic, others are abstract. I first try to have a composition before the design. I prefer to do the design step afterwards so as not to be limited by features. Then the inspiration can come from certain real time events. It can be events in Hong Kong like technologies currently under development that could upset our lifestyle.

2. How would you describe your style as?

My style is “futuristic”. OK it seems simple but the definition of this word also means that it is not just an artistic style but a philosophy. To be futuristic is to think about the distant or near future, to project oneself into a good or bad future and to reflect on many aspects of this time, the technologies that may exist in the lifetime of each individual.

Aegis 2

3. What kind of music do you listen to while working on pieces?

The music I listen to is mainly film music, and it varies according to what I paint. If I go cyberpunk then I listen to cyberpunk to get in the mood and accentuate my creativity. Besides that I listen chill music.

4. What are your ambitions and goals as an artist?

My ambitions are big, I aim high and I give myself the means. As any artist stay at the same level becomes one day boring, as for a game one wants to progress and this is done for life. There are ups and downs, but it must be accepted as a step in the process. I am by nature someone who thirsts for growth. Staying in a little cocoon, a comfort zone, does not interest me.

5. Do you have any advice for upcoming artists?

The advice I can give to beginners is not to miss the fundamentals, to be assiduous and regular because if you don’t practice the fundamentals often then they get weaker. Repetition is the best way to progress. Produce again and again so that everything you have learned is inked into your brain, just like the alphabet. How many times have you gone from A to Z as a child? You have to fill your subconscious with these things.

Aegis 3


ESTÉTICA CIBERNÉTICA is a record label based out of San Francisco.

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