We’ve had the pleasure of getting to ask some questions to one of today’s most talented digital artist, Ash Cox, also known as ALTITXDE. While she is a 3D and digital artist with a unique approach to futuristic & cyber themed art, she is also an exceptional motion graphic artist for Music Videos, Web Graphics, Compositing and GIFs. Featured on custom apparel and album covers, Ash is definitely one to keep an eye on. Her passion for art is apparent and her style is distinctive and unparalleled.


1. How would you describe your style?

My style is definitely cyber-fueled mech, dark future and any kind of cyberpunk bot or character is my favorite thing to create.

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from a lot of things… dreams and visions from my meditations, though I’m yet to totally be able to recreate any of the crazy art I see in my mind so far. I get inspiration from other art; I especially love 2D illustrations and anime art style. Nature is definitely a huge inspiration to me. It’s not necessarily a subject matter but it just recharges me to keep creating.

3. What are your ambitions or goals as an artist?

You know, I’ve never been one to set goals (in terms of… like in 5 years time I want this and this) I’ve honestly always just followed my heart with everything I’ve done. As long as I get to do what I’m passionate about and makes me happy, it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. I want to remain open to any opportunities that might come my way. I think if you are following your heart (living your bliss) then all the rest kinda takes care of itself. Amazing things happen when we get out of the way by thinking we know how it should all pan out.

4. If you could pick a favorite piece of yours, which one would it be?

I don’t think I’ve created it yet!! Still to come.


5. Any particular artists you admire?

There’s too many to name and no specific ones that have influenced me the most but I have so much respect for people who are just doing their thing and putting their art out there into the world.

6. What kind of music do you listen to while working on artwork?

I used to be a total drum&bass girl and still love it but now I’m also lovin so many different genres…hip hop and rap, electronic, experimental, wave… I was listening the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack the other day while working …You can’t NOT be inspired by that.

7. What is your favorite sci-fi/cyberpunk film?

Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, anything Star Wars.

8. Any advice for up upcoming artists?

Don’t compare your work to other peoples’ work! That’s been a huge one for me. Especially working in 3D, I used to look at all those guys on Instagram and thought I have to be doing the same kind of stuff they do to be successful. I was watching this video by a woman just the other day and her advice was to just keep your head in your lane don’t go looking around at what everyone else is doing and don’t try to be like anyone else. Be yourself, just let what is inside you come out.

The hardest thing is trying not to judge your creations. It’s definitely a fine line between looking at your work objectively and crossing over into judgement, but I really think the whole creative process is inextricably linked with knowing who you are as a person on all levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually). If you have that self love and acceptance and are grounded in the truth of who you are then I really think that’s when you can become fully into a state of creative genius hahaha Not saying I’m anywhere near that but if I had any goals I guess it would be that 🙂

The best advice I’d give is to come at everything with a sense of fun and play and just follow your heart. If you loose that and get too caught up in being a success or worrying about what others think then it just becomes ‘work’. Also, just make sure you’re passionate about your art, like you can’t wait to get outta bed and keep working on that project you started the day before. I love that feeling.



ESTÉTICA CIBERNÉTICA is a record label based out of San Francisco.

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